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A 45-year-old woman is scheduled to undergo elective bilateral tubal ligation. The gynecology resident, covering for a colleague, greets the patient in the preoperative area with the consent paper, which outlines the nature and indications of intervention, risks and benefits, and potential alternatives. The physician, however, finds the patient to be a Laotian-speaking woman with limited English skills, and does not seem to understand the resident’s explanations. The patient’s husband, who speaks some English, offers to translate the physician’s explanation and appears to be eager for his wife to undergo the procedure. How should the resident
proceed to obtain consent?
(A) Allow the patient’s husband to translate
(B) Ask the husband to be a surrogate decision maker and sign the consent
(C) Ask the husband to step out and again explain, slowly and clearly, the informed consent with the patient
(D) Draw an “X” next to the signature line and ask the patient to sign the form
(E) Obtain a translator or translation services for the patient and conduct proper discussion for informed consent
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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