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Hydatidiform Mole Complete and Partial Differentiation

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NBME question:
What is the most common test to differentiate the complete mole from the partial mole?
a. Karyotype
b. hCG
c. Uterine size
d. Capacity to convert to Choriocarcinoma
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a. karyotype ???

although it can lead to the definitive diagnosis ......I am not sure it is MC for differentiation
The most common way to diagnose I think it's ultrasonography, when they discover the mole (snow storm) they check for fetal parts. I'm not sure they routinely do anything else for this matter except histological examination which may also show fetal parts in incomplete moles :confused:

Anyway if I should go for a choice I'd go with a-Karyotype because it's the most conclusive.
hydatidiform mole

Answer is bhCG
ohh it can differentiate between these two ...
seems like I miss something .......

any hcG level to differentiate these two ?? I just know that much more higher hcG level for complete mole compared to partial mole

thanks ...
Answeris bhCG
Is there any explanation why this is the correct answer?
hidatidiform mole

In case of complete mole the hCG is 4 times higher than the partial mole.
This is the correct answer .
I must disagree about the hCG thing because they don't usually order a quantative hCG usually and the condition is diagnosed first with Ultrasonogram which in most cases will show if there are fetal parts..
that's just my opinion..
the reason why the answer is b-hCG is because it asks for the most COMMON test, karyotype analysis is not a commonly done test
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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