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A 52-year-old obese female with a history of diabetes mellitus type II presents to your office, complaining of a brown hyperpigmentation on the posterior aspect of her neck. A biopsy of the area shows epidermal thickening. Which of the following malignancies is she not at risk for?
A. Breast
B. Stomach
C. Colon
D. Uterus
E. Lung

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the question is basically a 2 step question..first it want's u to identify what the patient is having??

it is- Acanthosis Nigricans-defined as an asymptomatic area of skin darkening and thickening..(may be associated with pruritus)
Next- u should know common malignancies associated with it-
out of the options given,breast,stomach,lung,uterus are known to be associated with this.
so answer is COLON.(ref-F.A.2010,pg 222)

u should also know why this is being seen in this patient,
because acanthosis nigricans is seen in Insulin resistance states...
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