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Hi Guys,

I am preparing myself now to start studying for step 1 and I wanted to ask some questions about it:

1- I am planning on studying Kaplan lecture notes only and for questions kaplan qbank. Is that enough or I am gonna need any other books?

2- Does any one here have some sort of a schedule for studying each book?
I am not gonna stick to it but i will take as a reference.
e.g: How long each book should take and how much I am supposed to accomplish each week, how long for the first and the second time?

3- I want to know how many hours or how many papers I am supposed to study each week, I am asking this because I am working too and I want to put a schedule first or to put a studying plan and I won't be able to study more than twice a week.

4- I am planning on starting with physiology and I have the 2008 - 2009 version of Kaplan so is it the same as 2009 - 2010 version of kaplan or not because I haven't seen the newer version.

5- How long the first time should take and the second time and should I consider a third time?

6- Did I make the right decision by starting with step 1, or should i have started with step 2 ck as they say its easier.


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Answering your questions

Q1: Kaplan Notes and Kaplan Qbank;
In most instances yes that's enough. However, I urge you to consider doing USMLEWorld in addition to Kaplan Notes and Qbank.
You can have look here also

Q2: Kaplan Notes Study Plan;
There's no perfect plan to follow. However there's a sequence recommended to be followed, have a look here

Q3: Number of hours per week;
Nobody can answer this for you. It all depends on your reading style and on your prior medical knowledge. In the most general terms, people needed 8 hours per day for at least six months (am talking about old grads here). For further info look at this thread

Q4: Is Kaplan 2009 version is OK;
This is discussed here
and here

Q5: Time and Frequency:
As for how many times you need to review the notes have a look at this poll
As for the time needed to finish the first reading and second reading ..etc. This is really individualized it depends on your background knowledge and how many hours you read per day and the way you read ...etc Generally speaking though, I think you'll need at least 6 months to finish two readings given your busy schedule
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