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I can't find available seats in my eligibility period!

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Hi guys, I've received my scheduling permit, but I can't find any available seats in my eligibility period (which is Oct-Nov-Dec 2010). There's only one test center in my country and it's full!

What should I do? :confused:
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Thanks for your reply.

Could some fellow users provide me with information about extending my eligibility period? I heard I can't do it before my eligibility period actually starts. And till then, is there any chance I can find a seat? Should I keep checking at Prometric site every day?

What are your recommendations guys? :eek:
I wish there's a way to receive notifications when seats become available. Even if I have to pay for it. Prometric should consider this. :notsure:

Refreshing the page every 5 minutes for days means I'll have no time to do anything else :)).

I'll try to check every now and then.
Also, I suggest you look at the possibility of relocating your center to a nearby country (if this is possible) and see if they have seats in your allocated eligibility period.
OK, if I schedule a seat in a nearby country, will canceling be a problem in case I find a vacant seat in my country? I mean is canceling immediate or not? free or paid? any technical issues associated?

For instance, Can I cancel the appointment in the other country, and immediately schedule an appointment in my country?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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