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I can't install USMLE Fred V2 to my computer

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hi guys,
i wanted to use 150 free practice question today so i installed fredv2 but when i want to open it an error is appeared:

A fatal error has occured.
please notify the proctor.
HTTP/1.1 300 error

does anyone know what should i do?:toosad:
please help me!!!!!!!!:sorry:
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which version of windows you are using...?
Fred Error

For windows 7 & Vista try these..
I havn't tried this for XP but i think the basic principle is the same, it should work for XP also,

This works for the error...HTTP/1.1 400 Error

Open Internet Explorer.
Go to >>Internet Options
Scroll down to the header "HTTP 1.1 settings"
Check the option that says "Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections"
Uncheck other options
Its a good idea to install latest versions of Adobe flash player & Java. Also ensure that Fred2.exe is allowed by the windows firewall.

If this does not work, try visiting the official support page,
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If u still want to try to run it, i have some suggestions, but keep that in mind these are advanced options try them at your own risk....

Try running "Fredv2Orient.exe", by right clicking & running as administrator.

Try running it after disabling the windows firewall.

Have a look at your "hosts file"
This can be found at
windows>> system 32>> drivers >> etc >> hosts
Open it with notepad.
Before making any changes, don't forget to make a backup...
Try commenting out any DNS entries.
You can do that by putting "#" at the start of every line.
save & exit.
Try to run again, by running it as administrator.

If this also doesn't work try again this time removing "#"
so now it should look like
# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself. localhost
::1 localhost
If still same problem, try installing it to an another system.

Good Luck !!
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You can also try calling the ECFMG people but last time i tried they weren't of much help.

Also know that if u have done UWORD, its interface is quite similar to Fred, so u will be fine.

If u want 2010 practice question, you can get them on PDF from the ECFMG site.

I hope this helps..
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