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I gave up, I can't install the free practice materials

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Well i had posted about this problem a few times earlier also.ahh..for a loong time now i have been trying to use the new Free USMLE Practice Materials but sigh it seems that it is too tough a task!!

I have contacted them we actually have total of 14 email between me and USMLE tech people over there and well they are also as confused as me. I even installed the software on my siblings laptop in hope that it might work there but no success!! so I have decided not to waste my precious time on this and just to ask for help from u guys to gimme those questions which are in orientation material about the fred 2 software I have to trust all of u on forum when u'll say that it is like u world.

So I will just do those questions and face the software on my exam day..pls if u have the link for questions as in downloadable file or something post it.

and pray for me!!!
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Fred v2 Step 1: http://localhost:10001 error.

For anyone else trying to run Fred V2 for Step 1 recently, I've been getting the "Make sure the web address localhost:10001 is correct" error even after editing the final host code line in the driver per NBME's FAQ instructions. Malware protection and administrative rights aren't the issue either; I've checked that, too. So I emailed NBME tech support and will post an update if they respond and have anything helpful to offer. Otherwise, like previous people have said, it's neither worth the time nor patience.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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