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I am an IMG and i graduated from med school in 2018, left medicine for 3 years. I want to take the USMLE in 2022. What are the chances of matching into a pathology residency?

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Pathology is definitely an IMG-friendly specialty! While it's true that some programs might consider your time since graduation a "red flag," you can increase your chances of Matching by ensuring all other aspects of your application are strong. This includes taking and passing Step 1, earning a good score on Step 2CK (the average score for an IMG matching into Pathology in the 2020 Match was 233), and striving to gain some US clinical experience (USCE).

You should also make sure that your Letters of Reference are specialty-specific and ideally from USCE; your Personal Statement should also be specialty-specific and could offer an explanation of why you took time off after graduating from medical school.

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