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Hi all,

First of all, I just want to say this forum is one of the most helpful and useful I've been on, when it comes to Step 1 preparation. It helped me a lot when I was studying for my own exam.

I got a 252 on my own exam in June 2014. I used to tutor other students for free, but then I realized I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge for free, so many others could benefit.

That's why I started my blog, BlueScrubsMD. As a senior medical student I share my own experiences and knowledge about getting through medschool. I also have a rapidly expanding section on USMLE Step 1, and am sharing tips and advice on doing well on the test. I was at that point where you guys are right now, and I think I have useful advice to offer!

You can check these out:

You can also subscribe to my email newsletter, where I share extra tips and also an exclusive, free of cost, USMLE Step 2 CS guide. Before paying thousands of dollars to a review course or tutors, check it out :)

Hope these help you guys, and if you want me to answer any questions about your own preparation, I would love to Happy-2
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