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Hi everyone,

Actually I am doing internship righr now and few of my friends saying they are planning to do clerkship what is it and what is externship or observship do I really need to do them I thought u give step1, CK, and CS and then u get a residency!

I am now confused :confused:

What is there importance ... etc do its really imp :indifferent:

Are they free or we need to pay for it

kindly help me

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It's not mandatory

You friends are right but they maybe wrong also :indifferent:

Since you are still doing your internships it means you are going to be a fresh graduate. Fresh graduates have far greater chances than old graduates when they apply for the residency matching. This means that your CV does not need to be fortified with externships, observerships, research, ...etc.

Am not saying that they are not useful. Otherwise we wouldn't have a dedicated forum for them as you can see here.

You best bet is to ace high scores in Step 1, and CK and pass the CS from the first time. Then you apply immediately. I'd say before you finish 2 years after graduation you apply. In that case you may not need these stuff.

To know the difference between clerkships, externships, and internships please read here
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