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hi there

i want informations regarding NBME Tests

so i know it is in many forms

how many forms there is?
and what is the form?is it 4 blocks with 46 questions as i heard?
how mach does this exam cost ?do i have to pay for each form?

should i take all the forms?what is criteria should i rely on to choose what forms i should take?

can i repeat the form again when i finish it or i have to pay extra and how much if so?


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NBME information

For details information about the NBME forms go here

There are seven forms each one you have to purchase separately and to know which form is best see this poll

And yes you can repeat the form as many times as you want once you pay. But there's no point in doing that. You have to do only once because the only reason for the NBME is to predict your USMLE score and that would be negated if you do the form more than once.

Each form consists of four blocks and each block consists of 48-50 questions.

There's a new type of forms that give you which questions you got wrong (but with no explanation) to learn more about read here
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