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If you are a Muslim, forget about USMLE

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I know that from reading the title of the thread you'd be thinking ooh what this guy is saying?

But let me tell you a story that happened right in front of me and it will explain what am saying.

My friend is a Christian but comes from my country which has Muslims as the majority. But he's unfortunate that his name is looking like Muslim (I cannot disclose his name for privacy issues).

He's got 99 in step1, 99 in step2, 93 in step3, and CS pass. All from first attempt.
He has only 4 years after graduation.
He has research, publications, and even US externship.
He is a green card holder and he has no need for a Visa.

So he applied for the match last year 2008. He got 3 interviews and he was not matched.

This year he legally changed his name in US courts.

Applied for the match, and so far he got 18 Interviews!!!

Nothing has changed in his CV, he's working as a pharmacy assistant and he added no LORs, no more externship, in fact he got older one year and a wider gap since graduation.

I leave the moral of the story for you to deduce.

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Do not discourage those who want to become doctors

I personally know Muslims who did not change their name and Are now well established doctors in the US without green cards or whatever so this does not hold true for everybody.
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I think though it would seem that at this present moment, the american society has a certain prejudice against the muslim community, but i hope muslim doctors don't get discouraged by this. What i know is over at the prep4usmle forum, there are lots of muslim doctors who manage to get thru. You can read bout thier matching experiences at the match part of the forum.
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as i see it, they are many factors holding us back towards success. no country is perfect. but if u let a small factor of prejudice get in yr way and think it about all the time, then yeah, u wont get matched. stop worrying about what other ppl think and focus on yr goals. stop thinking about prejudism because it makes u ponder upon it more whether u like or not. this is the truth. to change the way the world works around u, change yrself first. im no muslim but i fought my way up to get a higher education despite being surrounded by chovernistic uncles and aunts. i won in the end :happy: due to day dreaming of being the BEST doctor in the world. i cant wait for that day to come.

to all ppl out there who think prejudism will hold yr success back, think again!! its u who are holding yrself back. the more u think about it, the more it will be. be proud of who u are, learn from bad experiences and strive to make good ones. :happy:

good luck! i wish u all the best in getting matched in excellent places as regarding to yr scores and yr awesome abilities.
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ps: this is to Mhmd Ali, ever heard of the great boxer by whose name u go by? :))

also, look up actors aziz ansari and rashida jones. in fact forget them, ever heard of barrack obama????!!!!

pls dont change the name your parents gave u. Mhmd Ali is nice. :)
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