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If you only can do 1 online NBME, which form would it be? And when will you take that form (how many days/weeks before exam)?

How bout if you can do 2 online NBME? Which form would they be? And when will you take that form?

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Let me tell you the story

when NBME forms came in the game
people started to do them
obviously they did the first and the second more frequently than others because they had no time to finish them all
then they found these two are very useful
then the words spread as these are the most accurate

while in fact (as I think) they are all good
you can do any and it will accurately predict your real score

The real question is; should we do one or two or three of them?
The answer to that; is the more you do the better is your prediction

By the way I did not hear from any that NBME questions are repeated in the exam, while several reported that USMLE CD is in fact repeated in the real exam
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