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We help students who have failed step 1 prepare and pass the exam.

  • We help you master the topics covered by the USMLE step 1
  • Track your progress to know when you are ready to take the exam
  • Sessions are customized to your strengths and weaknesses
  • Tutors did well on the exam themselves, but more importantly know how to teach, so your time is used efficiently

Our process is simple and straightforward - you study, we help, you learn.

Contact information
Click here to contact us: USMLE tutors

Or by emailing us directly: [email protected]

You are not alone

After failing step 1, it can be very hard to get motivated to study. We understand this - and know how to get you back into the groove.

Remember, nearly 47% of physicians have failed a course or major exam in their career, be it step 1, step 2, a board certification exam or full course (according to a survey done by USMLE step 1 survey). That means that nearly half of physicians have had to stand back up after a punch to the gut, dust themselves off, and start to prepare all over again.

A free evaluation

Every student's situation is unique, so before any preparation starts it's important to evaluate where you stand.

We'll start by discussing with you your individual situation: how you performed on different topics in the exam, where you went to medical school, what is your learning style.

Time frame and plan

While we work to accommodate your schedule, we recommend a minimum of 8 weeks to prepare.

Your preparation plan will be unique - and we'll set it up together.

Contact information
Click here to contact us: USMLE tutoring

Or by emailing us directly: [email protected]
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