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I've been reading the posts on the this forum for a month or so now, and its been really helpful. I was hesitant about posting anything of my own, but now doesn't seem like i have any other choice.

I'm a canadain citizen, and i decided to do medical school in india for some personal reasons, and because it takes less time. I just finished my last year this past Decemeber, and i just started my internship.

My plan was to take the first step this july hopefully with my boyfriend, i have started studying but not as much as i had hoped. my boyfriend is a year ahead of me, and we wanted to do all the steps and clerkships together.

he took an extension on his internship so that we could do our clerkship together after finishing step 1. but now my question is, is it necessary to be a student when you're going to do your clerkship? or can i finish med school, finish my intern year, get my degree and then do my clerkship?

i have another question regarding uworld, so far all I've done is biochemistry and i'm about to start microbio. would it be recommended i start practice questions now? if not now, then when? i really wanna ace this test and up my chances of getting a future residency.

please help.
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