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IMG from iraq and coming to US

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Dear All,

I am an IMG, got 85 in step CK, have Masters in Nephrology in UK, medical school graduate 2006 and hopefully i will get 99 in step 1 which i will do in March/2011, i want to apply for the match next year, can anybody tell me what is the best time to come to US for taking CS? is July ok? what is the cheapest states in US to live, you know i will be there may be without getting a job, so letting me know about the cheapest way of living is something i appreciate it, howmuch i need per month to live in US per a month?. my other questions, if i dont get 99 in step 1 lets say again in 80th, what are my chances to be matched this year for internal medicine? what are the problems i will face in US? is there any hospitals that they offer hand on externship program for free? I know many of you passed through the same difficult stages that i am afraid of now, any advices will be appreciated. any other advices that i forgot ask but you think that it's necessary for me to know, i appreciate clarifications.thanks
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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