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I'm about to start studying for part 1 with a plan to sit it early 2012.
IMG from UK, graduted 2008

I've read the forum so I've already got somewhat of a clue. But I've got a few questions that I would appreciate if answered;

1. Waiting for First Aid, Kaplan Notes, Kaplan DVD, Goljan Path, BRS Physiology, Kaplan Qbank and USMLE World Qbank. Do I need ANYTHING ELSE for the next few months before the exam?

2. Is it realistic to sit all parts of the USMLE ( 1, 2CS, 2 CK) before July 2012 so I am ECFMG certified by September or is this pushing it?

3. How important is US clinical experience, can I do it after September or do I need letters of recommendation(and therefore the clinical experience before this?

4. Does my clinical experience and LORs have to be relevant to the programme that I am applying for?

5. For a decent University IM/GS programme that could lead to competitive fellowship programmes what score would I look for in my exams to have a good chance of matching?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
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