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Better results comes from hard work

Hello, I'm IMG too and will start my prep. You should know what are you capable of and what do you want, this is achieved in your first week of prep for step 1 you must know your weaknesses first and the put a schedule that you can get the basic material you need to stick with you in your cortex especially the things you hate because we need a good score at this exam (+249) this range you should focus on because it's the best score and it needs hard work ( use Kaplan LN + FA ; or any intense books and courses) below that range of core 200-240 is when you prepare for 3 months with good study resources but I will tell you it all depend on you and your ability of comprehension :eek: because you who will do the test so you should figure a schedule that is good for your time and to finish your prep material.
Good Luck ;)
God Bless :)
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