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What are my chances of matching Internal Medicine in important programs (Ivy leagues, mayo, hopkins, etc), considering I plan on having:
- Great USMLE scores (260+ on both, CS passed 1st try).
- 6months-1year of subinternships/electives in internal medicine (Would that be a good plan? I'd stop medschool for a year, which is possible).
* I could not stop a year, and do 3 months of elective during my away rotations (but I won't have step 1 done by then, so it'd have to be in a hospital accepting candidates without step 1... in this case, I think it'd be possible to match, but not in amazing programs, and that's why I'm inquiring about this possibility).
- No research experience/publications in my home country (Brazil).

I ask that because I've heard of someone from Brazil who matched a big one (although this happened around 10 years ago, and probably the game has changed) doing a single month of clerkship over there (and I think she didn't have many publications or clinical experience, if any).

Thank you.
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