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Don't memorize the scheduling

In real life practice, even the most experienced pediatrician and primary health care giver will check on his/her immunization planner table before deciding what and what not.

Therefore, the USMLE, which reflects real life scenarios is very unlikely to ask you about immunization schedule from the back of your mind.

However, they may likely ask you about some important high yield factoids such as about the concepts of active and passive immunizations and about the recently added vaccines against HPV, Meningococci, and Rota virus.

So you need to read the immunization but you don't need to memorize each one of them and what time it's given and its exact scheduling.

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Do we need to memorize the immunization schedule in preparation for the USMLE Step 1 Exam?
No. You just need to know what can happen if patient X lacks or was not immunized during an outbreak/exposure to some virus or antigens. Booster also is fair game...and what to do if patient X stepped on a rusted nail while walking bare foot in the yard...Tet toxins and what age should a booster be given. Simple stuff! :)
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