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dr.logical66 is right. :)stop being too negative or too hard on yrself. u're only human. :happy:before i got the kaplan notes i studied immunology from micro books and i must say, after learning the whole lot it was still hard to remember. but the kaplan notes are very high yield and enough for us for the exam. also immuno happens to be one of the least tested subjects in the real exam. (only 10% if im not mistaken). what u wanna do is concentrate on the famous diseases like NADPH deficiency, beta-aggammaglobulinemia, etc. i have attached flashcards (look for immunology flashcards) that combines kaplan and FA. A lot of our friends here have mentioned that the kaplan videos for micro (& immuno) is useless so u can skip that and spend more time understanding immuno and memorizing the FA part for immuno.

good luck!:)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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