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1)Lipid laden macrophage(Foam cells) = 1)Hyperlipidemia & 2)Atherosclerotic plaques.

2)Hemosiderin laden macrophage(Heart failure cells) = CHF.

3)Macrophages containing debris from ingested Lymphocytes(Tingible body macrophage) = Benign reactive lymphadenitis.

4)Macrophages containing PAS +ve,gram +ve rod shaped bacilli within Lamina propria in small intestine= Whipple Disease.

5)Iron trapped in Macrophages in Bone marrow = Anemia of chronic disease.

6)Macrophages containing Carbon pigment along pleural lymphatics = Anthracosis.

7)Tissue paper like macrophage = Gaucher disease.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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