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Is Goljan Rapid Review good for Physiology?

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I just now bought Goljan Rapid Review of Pathology and going to start.. those who r doing it good??
I am not really paying much attention to physio, so will this help me with patho n physio??

I feel that Goljan does bridge the gaps with different subjects + patho.. any1 who has read this book, feel this way??
Please tell me, coz I don't have much time till the exam, but decided to read it anyway.. hope am not wasting my time
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It's great

You are certainly not wasting your time. This book was the best I read for my step 1 (my score was 97)
It has everything, it speaks in nice language, and it teaches pathology in a way you have never seen before.

However, relying on it completely for 'physiology' is a bit risky.

Yes, pathology touches on physiology in several aspects and ultimately pathophysiology what they are going to ask anyway.

But I suggest you also read some physio

I did Rapid Review Physio and it was great

Good luck
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do u ve nay pdfs for rr physio? any1 ,would be greatful.
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