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Hi guys,

As an img, from pakistan, is it wise to plan for derm residency in US.

Am a sept 2012 graduate,
Will do my step 1 this sept,
After this, planning to join as a junior resident in a reputed hospital in dermatology in my home country .
Along with this, will write step 2

I will be able to go to US even for step 2 cs, only after atleast 2 years from now due to personal issues.

My question is,
Will clinical experience in home country be considered ?
I can get research opportunities in the same hospital too, so will these boost my cv?
By the time, i apply it will be atleast 4 or 5 yrs from graduation date, will this affect?
Will writing mrcp uk speciality certificate exam in dermatology help in boosting my cv?

Will all this help to get derm residency, or are the chances are still slim after these ?
Please give wise advices on this.
Thankyou in advance. :sorry::sorry:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts