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hi guys!

Mi step 1 exam es on agoust 31 2012,

I have Kaplan lecture notes 2008 (blue ones), FA 2012, and videos 2008 and 2010. Do you think I am ok with the 2008 lecture notes version? should I get the kaplan notes 2012? Should i watch both videos or just 2010?

I am confussed because some friend told me the notes have "changes a lot" , but I am not sure if those changes are worth 600 usd that will cost me buying the new lecture notes.

I just want to confirm.

Plase help

Thnx in advance!
hello!!! My exam is for july 2012, and I'm using the lecture notes 2010, i really think you should use them too rather than 2008, i was told that a lot of changes have been made, and since you already have the videos, i don't mind sending you the notes, just give me your e-mail! (except anatomy, which i really can't find!!!)
and ... if you really have the 2012 FA, i would really appreciate if you send them to me, my email: [email protected]
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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