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is kaplan patholoogy enough

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I am not able to decide whether Kaplan pathology alone is enough along with UW or do I need to read Goljan Rapid Review also. I am done hearing the audios. Do I need to read RR by Goljan? as I am planning to take exam in April 2nd week will time be sufficient? at present done with 1st reading of all subjects Kaplan material and biochem, physio, b.sciences and uworld and catching up with other subjects uworld and still have to do 2nd revision of all the subj and then 2nd time u world.

Please post in your opinions.
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Kaplan Pathology is enough only if you went to the lectures.

If you are not going to attend any kaplan lectures.. I would use the Goljan as a reference book to do along with kaplan.
Well, if you have the 2010 or 2011 videos, i would say that would be enough.. But I felt that the Kaplan lectures that dr. barone does in kaplan is very very detailed.

But i will say this though, i read the Goljan book well before my kaplan course soooo it helped me learn everything very well. But when i went through the kaplan course, i felt everything he said in class was spot on for the exam... As for the 2007 version of kaplan videos, its no where as close to the level of detail you need for step 1..

If you only have the videos, i would suggest using your Goljan book as a way to learn pathology and the kaplan book/videos as a way to review the topic rapidly. The best way to learn path tho is to do lots of questions.. Lots and lots and lots of questions.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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