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This is my first post here in the forums , First I want to thank every one in this forum for the ultimate Help given to anyone About to Take The USMLE exam , I really got wonderful Information that I didn't hear before, so special thanks to You all Guys & to the Admins.

I'm an IMG and start preparing to take the USMLE step 1 exam, I made a lot of plans, and finally start the Taus Method Which I found here in the forums, I like it so much and I feel it is compatible with my situation.

I have just finished the basic science study in my faculty .. And have about 4 & half months to prepare for the exam .. I am seeking to take the exam in Mid May .. I'm now studying from First Aid 2011 Edition and Goljan pathology and HY Molecular and HY Behavioral .. and Solving First Aid Q&A Book subject by subject .

I also intend to take the UW after the first Read (one & half month from now) then Kaplan Qbank the next month .. take some NBME Forms .. Then The Exam

My Questions is :
Is this enough " I am seeking 99% " ?

my Friends Suggest me Goljan 2nd Edition instead of 3rd Edition and they said that it is too large & time consuming .. if u want to study Goljan take the 2nd Edition " .. so I am confused now ?

Thank u in advance .. waiting Answers and Advices Form You My Dear Future Colleagues.

God Bless You All
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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