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Hello everyone, so I have this question posted in the title of the thread.

Just a lit bit more information to clarify:

I'm from Bangladesh and here after completing the final professional examination and during our internship we're referred to as intern doctors and also are able to use the title Dr. So I don't think we'll be considered medical students and be eligible for the electives but in essence we are 'students' cause we do not receive our graduation certificate before completion, have to do presentations, a few exams and have to rotate through all the departments and we aren't 'licensed' physicians. Before completing the prof, when we are still called 'medical students', we do rotate through wards but we still have lectures and classes to attend (and whose attendances count) so I wont be able to do the electives then. So how can I get LORs from high profile US physicians? Would I be able to get them as easily by doing 'externships' that I see some agents online (such as are saying they can arrange? Can someone enlighten me more about these?

Thank You in advance
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