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On two exam questions it is stated:
-Which of these belong to upper brain sinuses
-Which of these belong to lower brain sinuses.

My understanding is that UPPER sinuses include the superior sagittal sinus (branching into the right transverse); the inferior sagittal sinus draining to the straight sinus (and branching into the left transverse); and the occipital*

While: LOWER sinuses include the sphenoparietal draining into the cavernous which further drains into superior and inferior petrosal ( (with the superior then draining into the transverse, and inferior to the internal jugular); and the sigmoid to the internal jugular.

So what s going on here? Is the superior petrosal an upper brain sinus? Is the transverse a lower brain sinus? Or am I completely mistaken and there s another way to look at it?

In addition, it would be awesome if someone could shed some light on the manifestations in the case of thrombosis of each area.

Thanks to whomever puts the effort! :)
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