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I am a little bit confused about this step for my next application:

""Item 5. Other Examination History and Applicant Number

Have you ever submitted an application to the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) for a Part or Step examination?

NBME Part or USMLE Step Applicant Identification Number :

I recently pass my Step 1 and want now apply for Step 2 CK. My question is, if I applied for Step 1 with ECFMG only (never applied to NBME), did this automatically include an application to the NBME?! I think, I should answer the Item 5 with "no", but I am not very familiar about the connection between USLME and NBME. ( I thought that NMBE is not for international Graduates and that I am obligated to apply to ECFMG only, so why this question!?)

The real reason of my confusion was this part of the USLME Information Booklet:

""IMPORTANT NOTE: As part of the process of obtaining an Identification Number and/or applying for examination, you will be asked whether you have applied to ECFMG and/or the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) previously. If you have submitted a prior exam application to either organization, you must answer "Yes" to the applicable question(s), even if you submitted the prior application under a different name or did not take the exam for which you applied. You must answer "Yes" regardless of whether you submitted an on-line application or a paper application. If you have submitted an application to ECFMG or NBME but indicate subsequently that you have not applied previously, this may result in a fi nding of irregular behavior. See Irregular Behavior on pages 15 and 42.""

I am even not sure if this note of the USLME Information Booklet is refering to the Item 5 of the Exam Application for USLME.

Thank you all for your help and I plead guilty to be a real noob
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