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Oh my God
After over 6 months of intensive preparation I got the flu today :(
Can you believe it
My secheduled test is tomorrow 22 December and my eligibility ends on 31 December!
What should I do
I don't want to pay again
I am ready for the exam but I think it's not OK to take it while with flu
what to do,
Please help

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Cancel Prometric appointment on the day of the exam

Do not panic
you can work it out
sleep early today
Wake up tomorrow early and take the strongest cold medication including antipyretic, decongestant, cough suppressant, and antihistamine.
Go the Prometric center, when you reach there, see yourself, if you can do it, then do it.
If not, just turn around and don't enter the Prometric center.
When you reach home, call Promteric and beg them to reschedule within the remaining days of your eligibility period (They'll charge you $400).
If no availability then simply contact ECFMG to buy another eligibility period and in this case you have to pay the full fees again.
Not taking the test will not be considered a failed attempt, am sure about that.

Good luck
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