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I tend to joke alot while I examine patients..
Is that OK in CS exam!
I've got two opinions;
One said never joke and be as polite and professional as you can
Another said, it's OK to joke if the patient is not in distress and they will love it.

What do you think!
we joke with our friends and the patients we know, ones who visit us we know how well they can take our jokes, we will have things to joke about too...but strangers, ill people joking is a very tricky thing to do, on exam seems like a risk, in 15 minutes that we have to religiously follow the protocols might just cloud the whole encounter... as we have to not only diagnose their disease, examine them and then finally counsel them, I cant comment what kind of jokes people did and who advised you to do the same, but i would vote against being in a jocular mood with a ill person you dont know, i find it highly unprofessional.....
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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