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Just answer me one more time

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Hey Guys,

Im sure you've been asked this 100's of times. So if you could answer this one more time, it would be great. So here it goes.

I graduated out of my medical school (a Caribbean one) a few months ago. I kept on procrastinating and avoiding my studies for the step 1's. Now i need to start studying and write the exam. I pretty much have no basic science knowledge. I have all the Kaplan text books and videos, BRS books, pass etc. I just need to know where to start, what to do, how many sources should i have, when to do questions etc. I know its a big ask, i would really appreciate it if someone could guide me through this or at least the initial aspect of it
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I guess i worded it wrong, I've only finished the first 2 years of my medical school(basic sciences).
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