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Ok I just finished step 1 reading and my score was 96. Now am reading CK and again in Kaplan notes.

I noticed that most of the material I already covered in Step 1! I feel like I can do it without reading.

I did the free Kaplan qbank block and I score 82%!!

What do you think guys, should go and take the exam without reading!

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Do more questions

82% in Kaplan qbank is certainly a fantastic score. It seems that you have a good amount of clinical knowledge and experience.

I suggest at this point is that you do at least 500 questions of Kaplan Qbank if you consistently get such a high score then proceed to UWorld and do it all then take the exam.

This procedure should not take more than few weeks of your time.

If however, you did not consistently score that high. Then do your home work and read the notes fully.

I have to remind you that over confidence is one of the mistakes that may have unwanted consequences.

Good luck
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