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I think how your approaching it is fine. When going through a qbank for the first time. It does a great job of finding your weakest subjects first. Now again every medical student is at a different level of preparation and everyones study method maybe different... But when i attempted qbanks, i felt it was always best to do them random and mixed while on timed mode... After which i would review the block and read all explanations regardless if your right or wrong... I also used the explanation notes from the kaplan/usmlerx/world qbanks and added them to my first aid book... I really helped me learn the topics that i had problem.

I think going over a chapter in say anatomy first may help with your performance in a topic in the qbank

One method alot of teachers at kaplan agree with... is to start off your qbank in the subject your starting with "for you its anatomy".. and then as you move into the next subject say biochem... You add biochem to your pool of questions.. now your question pool should be made up of anatomy and biochem... If you keep doing this for every new subject you go through, i think it will help you alot... Just make sure to read the explanations every single time cause thats how your learn the most.. Reading a book only once does you no good but only helping you learn the point there trying to make... but it takes multiple reads to cement the idea in your head for the long term.

Theres nothing wrong with finishing a block early. I could be cause anatomy may not be your best subject which would create more random selections.. when you go over all the material, im sure you will find questions will begin to take longer.. Theres nothing wrong with your study method.
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