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I had that question too about whether to buy FA 2011 (I have FA 2009). Many people say that it's okay to use an earlier version of FA, but the fact is that the authors update it to reflect the most recently tested high yield info (I think someone said as much as 10% of it is updated each year, not sure of the exact percentage). I decided to get the new one because I would rather not leave it to chance that the earlier version is sufficient. The downside to getting the new one is that the list of errata hasn't been developed as yet (I started a thread for an unofficial list here so that we can post errors that we come across).

My suggestion to you would be this:
1) Use the FA 2010, but borrow a 2011 and go through it to figure out what the updated sections are so that you don't miss anything. OR...
2) If you haven't already annotated FA 2010 a lot, just go ahead and buy the 2011 version... it's only $35 on amazon and you've invested so much in this exam already it's totally worth it. Plus think of the time you'll waste trying to compare 2010 to 2011.
Good luck!
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