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I have some questions about step1 prep, hope that I can get an answer :)):

I have just started my step1 prep, and I decided NOT to prepare from Kaplan Notes, but to study the best series of each subject-as voted by forum's members

I was also wondering if "VIDEOS" are mandatory, I have never used videos as study aid, but many of the members here insist that some videos are a must!!

Another question is I have currently bought FIRST AID 2010, should I get the NEW 2011??

I also noticed that there are some mistakes in FIRST AID, so where can I find the corrections??

Lastly, I would like to thank all the members of this awesome forum, and of course, our Staff Team (Sabio, Lee-Usmle, Rasheed, Step-taker).

And I am sure that without their precious advice and continuous support, I'll never ace the test!!

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