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Hi guys,

Just had a few questions regarding USMLE study

I'm petty new to it and got books the other day and was wondering...?

1. generally on average how much time (months) does it take to prepare for the step1 and how many hrs a day is good?
2. I'm reading kaplan/videos for most of the topics, goljan for Path, and high yield series for embryo, neuro and wanted to know when do you consider yourself "finished" and move on to the next topic... do you take an MCQ test to figure that out(say you got so and so wrong out of the total amount of questions?0 and if so what question bank do you use to asses that level of knowledge and how many questions should you be getting correct?
3. also i have noticed that some people say read the kaplan books, but what exactly do you mean by "read", do you mean memorize every line in those books or just to read it over and over again, or maybe something else?
4. also is it better to do one subject a time or to do two at a time, like read pharma and patho together or just focus on one topic at a time?
5. when is the best time to do question banks, which q banks and around how many should you get correct?
6. is there any book out there that tells you the key core concepts based on each topic??
Any suggestions would be helpful and I really appreciate the effort of everyone on this forum, sorry for all the long questions...thank you

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