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Hey guys,
average IMG here. Was planning to take Step 1 on 10th of November, but after recent tests and reading experiences, I'm worried.

Been preparing for 3.5 months, did Kaplan for all except Patho, did Pathoma video and book with Goljan audio..

FA, I haven't really gone through it fully. Read it once, annotated notes from uWorld and some important points from Kaplan, but that's it. I know I have to give atleast 2-3 readings of FA, that's why I need your suggestions please.

My Assessments:

NBME 5(at start of prep/JULY BEGINNING)- 140/200
NBME 6(JULY END)- 163/200
NBME 7(AUGUST END)- 164/200(all offline NBME)
UWSA 1- 510/230( ON 21ST OCTOBER)
UWSA 2- 490/226( ON 27TH OCTOBER)
NBME 18( today)- 490/228
Cumulative in World- 70%, 80th percentile (First Pass only)
My target is anything above 240.

Today I did NBME 18, the score report shows I got stars in four topics, narrow bars in very good zone for Pathology and Pharm, but wide bars for Behavioral, Biochem and Micro. I am planning on going through Micro as preparing for Behavioral questions now is pointless- NBME 18 behavioral questions were very weird for me.

My weakness is that sometimes I jump to the answer without reading fully; doing more questions should hopefully fix that. Based on UWSA and NBME, my weakness is in Behaviora, Biochem and Micro.

Please advise about the following:

1- When do you recommend I take the exam? I am starting to feel the burn-out people have said they experienced, so want to get rid of this exam sooner, but have to complete it before November second week. Also because I have two observerships starting in mid-December and wanted to be done with Step 1 buy then!).
2- How should i focus the remaining time? Since I feel I'm not remembering fact-based topics, I thought of going through FA 2 times in the remaining days.
Any other general tips please share!

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Yes do FA 2 times and write as scheduled
You'll be fine .
No studying at all from early night before . Say 7-8 pm.
Regardless .. No stuydying . It becomes counter productive. you'll forget things
you know.
Chill big time .

Try using atarax 25 mg at 6 pm Can be repeated after 6 hrs . Thats hydroxyzine.Antihist with sedation. Has mild anxiolytic effect too. The sedation will only give you a yawn . You so hyped up. This is like 5 % odf diazepam .
Do a trial of atarax tonight. Or skip it.

Good luck.

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Beh Sc in kapaln's is enough.
The Micro in FA is enough.
Thanks Soni.
Somehow throughout the prep never had the problem of insomnia.. lol

I'm now looking through my marked and incorrect on uworld, my subscription ends tomorrow. So, I'll have time for only one more read of FA(3 days left). Hopefully I do well!
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