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Just took the exam

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of course the most tested area was IM, I also got a lof OB/GYN and Peds, just 1 ekg, a lot of derm questions about rashes and treatment, the questions were long, really long I was strugling at the end I will have 4 mins left with 8 questions, over all the questions were really vague, I didn't get what they were asking me, and most of the time was undecided between 2 answers, also they asked me 2 line treatment in like 5 questions, which pissed me off, because for CCS they said it'll be consider poor performance if use second line agent, but they had one question about BV and when I scroll down flagyl wasn't there, they did the same with sinusitis, CAP etc, time is a big factor, there's no time to think or read the question again, but over all I don't think it was too bad, a lot of geriatrics and preventive medicine but even those questions were tricky, very tricky, I'll post my experience about CCS tomorrow, wish me luck everybody.
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