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Hi, guys!

I've been studying for Step 1 for A LONG TIME. Frankly, way too long.
I've had a lot of complications along the line but it doesn't change the fact that I should have been done with this test by now.

The thing is I failed once, awfully low. I studied hard afterwards and now I hit the wall and I'm actually scared that I'm getting worse :(

I have done all my NBMEs.

My scores:
NBME 18: 222 (the most recent one)
NBME 16: 226
NBME 15: 232
NBME 13: 200 (long time ago)
NBME 17 -- 220
UWSA 1: 226
UWSA 2: 228

NBME 12: 232 (did it twice, first time 6 months ago and I got 190, second time 1 week ago: 232) - since I've done it twice I don't really take it as predictive even tho I didn't remember the questions the second time around.

So, I was in an okay shape but because I failed and I'm 4 years out of med school I need 240 and above so I rescheduled and have a few weeks left (7 exactly).

I have no NBMEs left, I have NBME 7 and 11 offline but since it's offline it's not gonna be super helpful :(

I did all the test cause I was sure I was gonna take the exam...

Since I have no assessments I decided to take Kaplan diagnostic and I pretty much feel like I failed it (I got 65%).

Does anyone have something to say about it? Like your scores or how it correlates?

What can I do to assess myself this time without NBMEs?

I forget micro and pharmacology and behavioral constantly.

Anyway, I'd appreciate your input/help...

What can I do to hit 240?
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