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kaplan micro or micro made ridic.simple??

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guys i have read kaplan micro twice,but just had a look in mrs and the guy has done a pretty nice job with explanatory diagrams and very gud text..would u suggest i go thru it??coz i am very tight on my schedule and it wu b a herculean task for me to go thru it..even though i did parasito just from FA coz kaplan was way too much cramming n i m really bad at what do u suggest i shu do?? i am okay with bacterio and immuno part..its just abt the virology,mainly parasitology n bacterial genetics..:(
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I think virology is really good in FA, you have maybe to complemented a little bit but pretty much everything is there, I haven't seen MRS, will you tell me where did you downloaded from, so i can check it out to see if is woth it.
I have done kaplan qbank and honestly you can answer the questions from what you've already learn from kaplan book and FA.
I read kaplan once and study FA and the little margin notes I toke from kaplan, I have done pretty good on micro with this.
go to torrentz/ usmle study material..u will get a file of has mrs but 3rd edition
It says website is restricted.:toosad::toosad::toosad:
i just know or
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