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hmm as you are in final year..... i would suggest that although you can start your step 1 preparation now but you shouldn't in any way compromise your final year studies.

But the bigger question is when do you want to take the exam ......your entire strategy would depend on it.

My advice would be that you start your step 1 preparation right now slow and steady and think of taking step 1 after your final exams. And also try to incorporate step 2 books along with your final year preparation (nothing extra just use them as a review books) this would decrease the time you would otherwise spend while preparing for step 1.

Also as the format of the exam is becoming more and more clinical oriented ...this strategy will definitely help you in your step1 ... :)

As far as time management is concerned... it surely depends on your motivation and commitment. Certainly 16 hrs/day is not possible but You would probably require least 6-8 hrs/ day of studies as you would also need some time for your final year subjects.

I hope this was helpful....
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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