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Kaplan Physiology Book

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hello everyone i want to ask is physiology from kaplan notes is enough or i should try adding some other :confused: book also
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quick tips

EVeryone is different. If you're a master at Physio you don't even need a book. If you took it in school and have forgotten the details, then yes, Kaplan physio is great and more than enough for USMLE.

Try not to have that attitude though, what is best what is not best for x subject, etc. You must build your own plan and make it work.

90% of the people who give you advice on here only take the test once since only 10% fail, therefore, any advice or strong suggestions you recieve you have to take with a grain of salt since they only had this experience one time.

Good luck. Quit underlining and highlighting because everything is important (as per Goljan). Dont assume you're weak in say, Physio, or Pharm, or Micro/Path, etc, assume you're weak in EVERYTHING, and you'll do fine.

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No it's not good

According to ZumZum method you should not read Kaplan Physiology but rather BRS physiology
See ZumZum method here

Also see the best physiology book poll here
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