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Kaplan Prep Course : Take it or leave it ??

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Classic question, do we really need it ? Let say I am a kind of person who successfully studying by myself and can adhere strictly to my study plan
They promote several advantages of taking this prep course especially for IMG:
Full learning experience (well I can improve my English along the way lol), live interaction with the experts, residency application strategy (through regular free events / seminars), link to externship/observership opportunity...etc etc etc...

Is it true??? Is it worth to spend thousands of dollars for this course ? Please advise me guys...
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Don't Waste your money

Thanks for the prompt reply....
But as an IMG, taking this course will give u tons of opportunity to interact with those who can help u succed in the real battle : the MATCH...well just my opinion...need to clarify its validit LOL...

Long term investment ???? Yup...maybe...
Don't waste your money.
Here are the reasons:

  • You can interact with thousands of IMG applicants via this forum and other online communities.
  • You can get the latest Kaplan books by buying them from Amzaon or ebay or whatever.
  • You can get externships and observerships by your US contacts or directly from the commercial companies and you don't need Kaplan for that. In fact kaplan are partnered with Americlerkships and the latter is available here in the forum.
  • You can buy the Kaplan Qbank and do it from home and no need to go to the center to do it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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