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Kaplan Prep Course : Take it or leave it ??

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Classic question, do we really need it ? Let say I am a kind of person who successfully studying by myself and can adhere strictly to my study plan
They promote several advantages of taking this prep course especially for IMG:
Full learning experience (well I can improve my English along the way lol), live interaction with the experts, residency application strategy (through regular free events / seminars), link to externship/observership opportunity...etc etc etc...

Is it true??? Is it worth to spend thousands of dollars for this course ? Please advise me guys...
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I strongly recommend the course. If nothing else, you'll get an idea of your level compared to others in the course. They also teach the latest material and it forces you to sit and listen for 8 hours a day so your study time is maximised.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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