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Kaplan Prep Course : Take it or leave it ??

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Classic question, do we really need it ? Let say I am a kind of person who successfully studying by myself and can adhere strictly to my study plan
They promote several advantages of taking this prep course especially for IMG:
Full learning experience (well I can improve my English along the way lol), live interaction with the experts, residency application strategy (through regular free events / seminars), link to externship/observership opportunity...etc etc etc...

Is it true??? Is it worth to spend thousands of dollars for this course ? Please advise me guys...
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I am decided not to spend those thousands for the prep course. Language is one thing you can work on by watching english videos, reading books etc.. I think those course are suitable if you don't have lack of couple thousands USD and you have problems in setting reading schedule and keep that schedule.

On the other hand it seems to me that you can handle the information in the books and can see by yourself which of the info is needed and which aren't so I wouldn't spend those money.

So I have decided to stand alone and spend the money for something else :D
Thanks for the prompt reply....
But as an IMG, taking this course will give u tons of opportunity to interact with those who can help u succed in the real battle : the MATCH...well just my opinion...need to clarify its validit LOL...

Long term investment ???? Yup...maybe...
Now that I read your other threads it seems that you have quite tight schedule. This could be one reason to take the course. Anyway the best thing you can do is ease your mind. Test is unique experience (I read that you cannot re-try if you pass it and if you donät pass it it could close some resident places cause they tell that step 1 must be passed in the first attempt). So maybe for you it's good choice
Yeah...due to limited time constraint, I am thinking that taking this prep course will help boosting my progress comparing to self study. Buy as u said, I don't want to get rush taking this test since it's a once in a lifetime chance to perform well. My timeline is the fast-paced study option, but I am flexible with it...if eventually I am not ready yet to take the test...I won't risk it...better prepare myself for another few weeks...maybe 2013 match will be more reasonable and give me more time to gain more us clinical experiience, but the downside...I will waste another one year....yeah life is about choosing the rite options !!!

Hei guys thx for ur input...but I am really confuse...hahaha
Well actually only me who know why I don't/need this company to help me. But I am open to all suggestions.:)i
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