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Kaplan used to offer only live USMLE Step 2 CS courses since several years. That live course involved direct tutoring with direct contact with live SPs and there were two versions of it, 3 days and 5 days, and the cost was in the range of $2500.

Now, with the ubiquity of online education and the dissemination of advance USMLE prep courses on the Internet, such a live course may not be a necessity.

Also, typically, such online courses are priced much less than a $2500. For example CSEvideo charges less than $50 and gives you access to online videos where you can watch patient encounters and prepare for the CS.

It looks like that Kaplan finally woke up and realized that sooner or later their live courses are going to be obsolete and they wanted to catch up and establish an online CS existence.

Recently they launched their first ever online interactive USMLE Step 2 CS course.

You'll get live, interactive instruction from expert faculty as they guide you through twelve hours of lecture and video with step-by-step review of all tested components including tips for exam room etiquette, Patient notes, and strategies for passing the exam. You'll also review video of full-length encounters with certified standardized patients and submit answers to questions and receive live feedback from the instructors via live chat, and compare your performance with that of other simultaneously attending students.

The current price is $500 and the next course is available on September 13-16.

For further details and to join the course, here's the link
Kaplan Step 2 CS Live Online Course


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