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Hey guys,

well, i've got the Kaplan video lectures for 2010, but they're all jumbled up, I have been looking all over the place to find some schedule or order for the videos, can somebody please help me out with this? :toosad:

Also, I've read threads on here where there are mixed reviews on doing kaplan videos especially micro, I plan on doing micro from Lange-Micro and Immuno by Levinson, I've read it before and it is an amazing book, now my question lies, I have 4 months before my exam, should I read MRS micro also? For Path i've heard some ppl say Kaplan is too shallow so just do goljan, I plan on doing goljan cover to cover anyways, but I was gonna ask whether Kaplan path is gonna enhance my understanding of principles or not? and whether i should just go goljan and not worry about Kaplan videos? Also, I plan on supplementing Kaplan Pharm with Katzung's Examination and Board review, any thoughts on that? Finally, I've heard Rapid Review biochem is an amazing book, but since i haven't read it and I kinda like Biochem Kaplan
what would you guys suggest for that? obviously FA is the bible so i can't skip that, but for those subjects mentioned what did you guys experience?

I need an individualized plan, but seems like a lot of ppl are trying out the TAUS method, does it work? :eek:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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