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Do not confuse the two:

Kussmaul's breathing is seen in diabetic ketoacidosis (acetone breath).

While Kussmaul's sign is an elevated Jugular Venous Pressure seen during inspiration in constrictive pericarditis or improper filling of the heart. (It's not seen in cardiac temponade though).
Also seen in constrictive cardiomyopathy, severe right sided heart failure, and tricuspid valve stenosis all of these leads to the same pathophysiology of improper heart filling during inspiration.

Do not confuse Kussmaul's sign with

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thanx alot, nice work.....

but really it is not seen in cardiac temponade !!!!

can anybody explain ???? .............

thank u alot...
Dis is wt i think....
In CP der is fibrosis of pericardium... So during rt atrial filling, atrial wal cannot dilate( decreased compliance) der is back flow of blood into jugular vein... Which is interpteted as raised JVP...
In CT, the pericardium is filled wit fluid.. No fibrosis.. Compliance is slightly decreased... Atrial filling is not severely hampered to see as a raised JVP...
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